About us


We are the first breeders in Austria, that are recognized from the austrian kennel club ÖKV/FCI.


About me:

I'm actually 32 yeras old. My first dog was a Cocker Spaniel mix named Pascha he is actually 15 years old. With him I started to work in obedinece and absolved my dog Trainer licens in 2013.

When I was searching for a second dog I found the dutch patride dog. When I picekd up Batida 2011 in Germany I started to make my Hunting License.

I love it to pick up my dogs and go to the forest.


That's our pack:

Batida is 8 years old, I got her 2011 from the german breeders Hiltrud & Peter. With her I fall in love for this fantastic breed.

May 2015 we had our first litter with Batida. From this litter I kept Annika a Wonderful working dog.

December 2018 Annikas first litter was born. From this litter I kept Djara.